My enthusiasm for Dead Island was recently curbed due to a screen shot in a look at the game over at (found here) showing an electrified machete.

After viewing the screen shots on the official site, I mentioned that the samurai sword was a bit gimmicky. However, in the light (so to speak) of electrified swords…  I suppose the gimmick will instead be a flaming samurai sword.

I had hoped that Dead Island would evolve to be a more realistic and terrifying zombie survival game. Now it seems to be shaping up as another fantastical take on humans surrounded by the undead and, while I look forward to seeing more of the game, I doubt that it will live up to its incredible cinematic trailer.

I’m sure that there are numerous people who are thrilled by the prospect of crafting weed whackers with flaming barbed wire on the end, but I think it’d have to be one boring zombie apocalypse if a survivor had the time and desire to do that sort of thing.

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