Vault 101

The residents of vault 101 thought they were safe from radiation. They thought their children would grow and thrive, unaware of the monstrosities that plague the wastelands.

They were wrong.

When Grutus’ mother saw how ugly her baby was after giving birth to him, she died. The only thing that saved Grutus’ father that, being a doctor, he was desensitised to medical horrors, and thus he decided to raise the child out of scientific curiosity. This was the worst mistake of his life.

Grutus grew, greedily devouring the Vault’s supplies. The other residents constantly petitioned to have young Grutus sent out into the wastelands, where mutants belonged. But his natural body grease and strange strength made him too difficult to capture, and so he remained in the vault.

The residents of the Vault came up with a plan. They’d throw a birthday party for Grutus and poison the cake he was bound to so gluttonously consume. Unfortunately, they didn’t key the Vault robot in on this and he destroyed the poisoned cake out of spite for Grutus.

Like all children's birthdays, it was a trap.Grutus stared hungrily at the old lady. He could smell death on her — she would be an easy meal.

The ploy failed, so Grutus’ father quickly rushed him to the reactor where he intended to shoot him up with a BB gun, but Grutus wrested it from him and, to avoid the wrath of the armed ginger before him, Grutus’ father acted as though it were a present.

Nevertheless, Grutus shot them a bit before they managed to offer him a giant roach, which he hungrily consumed.

Eventually, as Grutus evolved into an even more abominable being, his father became so ashamed of him that he ran away forever and the rest of the vault decided that it was time to get rid of Grutus.

But Grutus wasn’t easily disposed of…

Grutus awake!Grutus awakes to the sound of alarms, his huge wooden pole gripped firmly in both hands.
Which he forcefully introduces to the denizens of the vault, who are dressed appropriately for dealing with Grutus.
Grutus kill!He thanked Amata for her constant whining…
The excretion of GrutusAnd, in his quest for further people to punch, accidentally went outside the vault door. Which quickly shut behind him…
And so he stepped out into the light.