As Grutus ambled down to a nearby derelict town, he noticed ancient containers that were once known as ‘trash cans’. His insatiable seven stomachs rumbled at the prospect that they may contain food. What he found was something much better:

Named for the mellow high some illicit substances produce that Psycho definitely doesn’t.

After squirting a full shot of Psycho up his nose, his sinuses flared with pain and Grutus’ already hate-filled compartment generously known as his ‘mind’ became more enraged than it had ever been. His bowels and bladder immediately voided, mucus poured from his nostrils. The green tinged wasteland turned blood-red.

As his body shuddered and his pupils contracted to a pinpoint, he noticed a floating ball piping numbers from “Marching Music for Minutemen“. Naturally, Grutus responded in the only way his Psycho addled mind allowed him.

Acting on instinct alone, Grutus’ sweaty digits curled into a tight, hateful fist…

And punched the ball so hard it exploded.

His fists still tingled for more. The Psycho coursed through his veins and his fists ached to punch. Snorting flecks of snot from his flared nostrils, Grutus looked around for his next victim. Hunger ached inside him.  So when he saw an intact house, Grutus wasted no time in letting himself in.

The only way he knows how.

As he smashed through the door, he disturbed the lone resident of the building who, like most people, was extremely perturbed  by Grutus’ sudden proximity.

Due to his thick layers of gristle, guns have little stopping power against Grutus.

Grutus shrugged off six bullets before punching her to death. He looted her inventory of drugs and 400 caps, which serve as money in the Wasteland but which Grutus kept simply because there were so many of them, and stashed her corpse away for later eating. Then he ransacked the house for food and booze.

All of which he ate in one rad-filled binge.

His hunger temporarily sated and his Psycho induced rage dulled by two bottles of alcohol, Grutus took one last look around the house, picked up all the empty tin cans he could find (because he collects those as well as caps), and fell to sleep.