A couple of days ago two trailers for Sims 3 expansions popped up. As such, neither has been confirmed by EA. They showed “Generations” and “Unleashed”, the former’s premise being a concept I found uninspired and lacking.

Having watched the trailers, I’ve warmed slightly to Generations yet still think it fairly unoriginal. It seems to place more emphasis on differences between ages, but the thing that really interested me was the appearance of video cameras and family photos. It looks as though Generations offers a little more posterity for your game world. I hope that picture taking will be autonomous or semi-autonomous, as I always found it tiresome to have to arrange Sims for photographs. And the addition of anti-social behaviour in the game is always one I welcome (it’s a step closer to being able to murder other Sims).

Much more exciting is the trailer for Unleashed. Whereas Generations seems to consist of smaller additions to the game, Unleashed offers the huge and much requested addition of pets. And not just pets but wild fauna as well. And rideable horses. It could just be the trailer-hype, but it seems as though EA are actually going to get this one right. The animal animations look smooth and believable, the wild creatures seem to add a lot of atmosphere to the neighbourhood, and the traits shown seem suitable (with the exception of Fluffy the cat, who like to swim).

Sims 3 Expansions still don’t hold as much promise or content as the Sims 2 ones did. Generations is a more original concept, in that Unleashed was already done in The Sims 2 and 1 — but, given that it doesn’t seem to offer anything ground-breaking, that’s not surprising.

Without further speculation, the trailers:

The Sims 3: Generations

The Sims 3: Unleased

There’s been a lot of speculation about the next Sims 3 expansion pack (due to some leaked info on the main site, et cetera). Dubbed “Generations”, the leaked info promised to add such incredible and game-changing things like “Kids can hang out with friends in tree houses. Teens can pull hilarious pranks. Adults can suffer midlife crises”!!!!!!


I’ve loved the Sims games since the very first. To the point that I’ve even bough most of the expansions (I don’t give a shit about the stuff packs. They’re like buying a box of French fries and having to pay half the price of the original box to get five more fries thrown in). But I have to say that, while Sims 3 added an incredible open world to play in, it also seems to lack something the first two games had. And, as for the expansions for Sims 3… well, in comparison to the incredible amount that the expansions for the other games added, they just seem half-hearted cash makers.


So, hanging out in tree houses and pulling ostensibly hilarious pranks and midlife crises don’t exactly seem like much. In the previous three expansions are anything to judge by, there’s not going to be much more added that isn’t advertised.
Just reading through the comments, I see many people wistfully hoping that pets and weather are going to be included in the expansion. But it’s called “Generations,” a title which has minimal climate and animal implications, and EA always knows better than fans of its games.

Quite frankly, I think a better title for “Generations” would be “The Sims 3: Getting Old” because, without the creative genius of Will Wright, it really is.