Fallout 3, for those whose villages have only just received their first crate of Pentiums, is a game set on a post-apocalyptic Earth with an alternate history. As one would expect, America is at the centre of this broken world — run rampant with mutants and vicious survivors (so, not really that much different).

You play the role of a character who had the fortune of growing up in a contained underground world called a Vault, which is where those fortunate enough to afford it went when the bombs started dropping and have lived ever since. It’s a pretty good story, a huge and interesting open world, and a whole lot of fun.

When I first played through, my character was very much a generic wasteland hero. He did the good jobs, killed the bad guys and only became addicted to Vodka once or twice. So I wanted to play something drastically different — the very antithesis of a generic hero: a cannibalistic, evil and distorted character.

After digesting a particularly cheap can of spaghetti and expelling it noisily around midnight, the concept for Grutus was born. Grutus would be like the remnants of that spaghetti: unnatural, highly irradiated, not something you wanted to look at, strong of odour and barely sentient. The essence of that spaghetti would take the form of a man… or, rather, a manlike form, which would terrorise those unfortunate enough to have survived the fallout.

Grutus the Puncher would be the new end boss of Fallout 3.


Grutus the Puncher wearing the moustache he was born with.