I'm Sven and I want to make beauty.

Hi gorgeous, I’m Sven Svenson and I’m going to be a big fashionista! I used to be in band call Svenpop, but it was too hard to be professional singer when many mans are wearing tight trousers and no shirt and after embarrassing failure at Eurovision, I come to live in new town name Oceanviews.

Since I was beautiful young man, since I see myself in mirror, I know Sven is destiny for beauty. He will change the world. I get into town and yellow taxicab takes me to the fashion parlour, where I will start Crusade of Cuteness, my Battle for Beauty!

That’s me in yellow taxicab with my first scent of mainland America man musk! He didn’t say much but he definitely giving off a vibe to me.

Yellow taxicab pulls up, but I don’t get the driver’s name. Oh well, plenty of hugely endowed narwhals in cold waters of Baltic Sea!

I walk into the fashion parlour and huge hunk is behind the counter. Tight jeans make walk very hard, I use my charm and wiles on hunk and ask for job.

And they work so well I now have job AND my first date!


Watch out gentlemans and fashion world! Sven is come to make beauty!